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January 30 • Wednesday

  1:00pm –  2:30pm W Monitoring and analyzing one's effectiveness on social media NRC
Speakers: Laura Wheeler, Lou Woodley
  1:00pm –  2:30pm W Sketchnoting/Scribing NRC
Speakers: Perrin Ireland
  1:00pm –  2:30pm W Stop Talking, Start Making: Rapid Media Prototyping NRC
Speakers: Rose Eveleth, John Pavlus
  1:00pm –  4:30pm W Draw Your Own Science Comics NRC
  1:00pm –  4:30pm K Designing Effective Visualizations with R NRC
Speakers: Carl Boettiger, William Gunn
  1:00pm –  4:30pm K ePublishing with The Atavist NRC
Speakers: Olivia Koski
  1:00pm –  4:30pm K Special effects and visualization NRC
Speakers: Kalliopi Monoyios, Henry Reich
  1:00pm –  4:30pm K Walking Tour of the Downtown Raleigh Stormwater Tunnels N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences: NRC
Speakers: Scott Huler
  3:00pm –  6:30pm W Maps for journalists, writers, and scientists NRC
Speakers: Tim De Chant, Andrew Hill
  6:00pm –  9:00pm S Opening Event at NRC N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences: NRC

January 31 • Thursday

  9:00am –  10:00am C CONVERGE: Social Media is Out of This World Room 1c/d
Speakers: Doug Ellison, Veronica McGregor, Courtney O'Connor, Stephanie L. Smith
  9:00am –  10:00am C CONVERGE: Welcome & instructions for the day Room 1c/d
Speakers: Karyn Traphagen, Bora Zivkovic, Anton Zuiker
 10:00am –  10:30am R Break (snacks in Figshare Café) Room 1 a/b
 10:30am –  11:30am N Alternative Careers ARE the Mainstream! Taking Your Degree to a New Level Room 8
Moderators: Catherine Anderson, Mark Hahnel
 10:30am –  11:30am N Impressions Matter: Embracing art & design in research and science communication Room 7a
Moderators: Holly Bik, Liz Neeley
 10:30am –  11:30am N Leading scientists towards openness Room 7b
Moderators: Antony J Williams, Sean Ekins
 10:30am –  11:30am N Narrative: What is it? How science writers use it? Room 3
Moderators: David Dobbs, T. Delene Beeland
 10:30am –  11:30am N Never Tell Me the Odds! (Part Deux, Asteroid Field Edition) Room 10
Moderators: Cedar Riener, Matthew Francis
 10:30am –  11:30am N Science and medical blogging at institutions: How to avoid being that kind of corporate blog Room 6
Moderators: Henry Scowcroft, Rachel Ewing
 10:30am –  11:30am N Why should scientists 'do' outreach? (part I) Room 4
Moderators: Matt Shipman, Miriam Goldstein
 11:30am –  12:00pm R Break (snacks in Figshare Café) Room 1a/b
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N Changing The Public Face of Science Room 8
Moderators: Allie Wilkinson, Katie Pratt
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N Helping Scientists 'Do' Outreach (part II) Room 3
Moderators: Karen James, Matt Shipman
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N Inject some STEAM below the STEM - get in at the roots! Room 7a
Moderators: Emily Coren, Glendon Mellow
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N Open access or vanity press? Room 7b
Moderators: Chris Gunter, Zen Faulkes
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N Public Statistics Room 10
Moderators: Evelyn Lamb, Hilda Bastian
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N Scientific Storytelling: Using Personal Narrative to Communicate Science Room 4
Moderators: David Manly, Jeanne Garbarino
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N Summing it Up: The Data on the Cutting Room Floor Room 6
Moderators: Mindy Weisberger, Cristy Gelling
  1:00pm –  2:30pm L Lunch: Neomonde Room 2
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N #Hashtags in the Academy: Engaging Students with Social Media Room 8
Moderators: Lali DeRosier, Stephanie Willen Brown
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Broadening the Participation of Diverse Populations in Online Science Room 4
Moderators: Alberto Roca, Danielle Lee
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Hands-on math Room 10
Moderators: Evelyn Lamb, Matthew Francis
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Into the Unknown: What we don't know, and how to talk about it Room 6
Moderators: Maggie Koerth-Baker
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Science Art as Science Outreach Room 7a
Moderators: Katy Chalmers, Maki Naro
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N The Impact of Electronic and Open Notebooks on Science Room 7b
Moderators: Kristin Briney, Anthony Salvagno
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Why Won't the Science Deficit Model Die? Room 3
Moderators: John Bruno, Liz Neeley
  3:30pm –  4:00pm R Break (snacks in Figshare Café) Room 1a/b
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Accessibility for All Audiences Room 8
Moderators: Lyndell Bade, Michael Lombardi
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Blogging for the long haul Room 3
Moderators: Sci Curious, Zen Faulkes
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Lightwaves and Brainbows: Seductive Visual Metaphors at the Intersection of Science, Language and Art Room 7a
Moderators: Cedar Riener, Michelle Banks
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Open Session Room 10
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Science online and rethinking peer review Room 7b
Moderators: Ashutosh Jogalekar, Jarrett Byrnes
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Tackling science denialism with a systematic game plan Room 4
Moderators: David Wescott, Emily Willingham
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N “They said what?!”: Fighting bullshit in the scicomm ecosystem Room 6
Moderators: Carl Zimmer, Brian Switek
  7:00pm –  11:00pm E Evening Social Event Cypress Manor

February 1 • Friday

  9:00am –  10:00am C CONVERGE Room 1c/d
Speakers: Baba Brinkman
  9:00am –  10:00am C CONVERGE: Announcements Room 1c/d
 10:30am –  11:30am N Formal Science Education, Informal Science Education and Science Writing Room 3
Moderators: Emily Finke, Marie Claire Shanahan
 10:30am –  11:30am N How to make sure you're being appropriately skeptical when covering scientific and medical studies Room 7b
Moderators: Ivan Oransky, Tara Smith
 10:30am –  11:30am N Spies, Spacemen, Seamstresses, and Sailors: What Science Writers Can Learn From Genre Writing Room 4
Moderators: David Dobbs, Maryn McKenna
 10:30am –  11:30am N The World's Largest Explainer Room 10
Moderators: Blake Stacey, Khadijah Britton
 10:30am –  11:30am N Thinking Beyond Text Room 7a
Moderators: Ben Lillie, Rose Eveleth
 10:30am –  11:30am N What’s News in Citizen Science? Perspectives, People, Projects, and Platforms (part I) Room 8
Moderators: Caren Cooper, Darlene Cavalier
 10:30am –  11:30am N Working Towards Better Press Releases: What Do Writers Want? Room 6
Moderators: Nadia Drake, Peter Edmonds
 11:30am –  12:00pm R Break (snacks in Figshare Café) Room 1 a/b
 12:00pm –  12:15pm B Blitz: Benchfly-Open-access video platform Room 8
Speakers: Alan Marnett
 12:00pm –  12:15pm B Blitz: Games for Science/Education Room 6
Speakers: Melanie Stegman
 12:00pm –  12:15pm B Blitz: MathOverflow Room 10
Speakers: David Zureick-Brown
 12:00pm –  12:15pm B Blitz: Mendeley Room 7b
Speakers: William Gunn
 12:00pm –  12:15pm B Blitz: SciLance-Pitch, Publish, Prosper Room 3
Speakers: Emily J Gertz, Sarah Webb
 12:00pm –  12:15pm B Blitz: Tools and technologies powering new frontiers for citizen science Room 4
Speakers: Darlene Cavalier
 12:00pm –  12:15pm B Blitz: Training in sci comm in the age of data - an Italian case study Room 7a
Speakers: Elisabetta Tolla
 12:00pm –  12:30pm B ScienceSeeker Room 1c/d
Speakers: Gabriel Aponte, Jason Goldman, Jessica Hekman, Dave Munger
 12:20pm –  12:35pm B Blitz: Dognition Room 4
Speakers: Brian Hare
 12:20pm –  12:35pm B Blitz: figshare Room 7b
Speakers: Mark Hahnel
 12:20pm –  12:35pm B Blitz: Math Code Share Room 10
Speakers: Rachel Levy
 12:20pm –  12:35pm B Blitz: Mobile Apps for the Lab Room 6
Speakers: Isobel Maciver
 12:20pm –  12:35pm B Blitz: Oggiscienza Room 7a
Speakers: Enrico Balli
 12:20pm –  12:35pm B Blitz: Science Exchange-Reproducibility Initiative Room 8
Speakers: Elizabeth Iorns
 12:20pm –  12:35pm B Blitz: The Nerve Room 3
Speakers: Catherine Owsik
 12:30pm –  1:00pm B CyberScreen Film Festival Room 1c/d
Moderators: Carin Bondar, Joanne Manaster
 12:40pm –  12:55pm B Blitz: Room 7b
Speakers: Richard Price
 12:40pm –  12:55pm B Blitz: Comprendia - Getting Financial Support For Your Blog Without Selling Your Soul Room 7a
Speakers: Mary Canady
 12:40pm –  12:55pm B Blitz: EPA Room 10
Speakers: Melissa Anley-Mills
 12:40pm –  12:55pm B Blitz: Eyes on the Solar System/ Spacecraft 3D Room 6
Speakers: Doug Ellison
 12:40pm –  12:55pm B Blitz: From Lab Bench to Kitchen Table: Why I Made KidScienceApp Room 3
Speakers: Liz Heinecke
 12:40pm –  12:55pm B Blitz: PeerJ Room 8
Speakers: Peter Binfield
 12:40pm –  12:55pm B Blitz: PLOS Room 4
  1:00pm –  2:30pm L Blitz Luncheon: Gourmet Salad Bar Room 2
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Citizen Scientists and Ethical Research (part II) Room 4
Moderators: Judy Stone, Kelly Hills
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Dialogue or fight? (Un)moderated science communication online Room 6
Moderators: Emily Willingham, Janet Stemwedel
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Did Anybody Look At This !*%&#%@* Press Release? Room 8
Moderators: Charles Choi, Karl Bates
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N How can the science of science education inform communication about science? Room 10
Moderators: Andrea Novicki, Sandra Porter
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Opening Doors: Science Communication for Those that Don't Care/Don't Like Science Room 7b
Moderators: David Ng, Tom Levenson
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Telling Visual Stories with Data: A Guided Tour of Data Visualization Room 7a
Moderators: Lena Groeger, Peter Aldhous
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Using altmetrics to tell the full story of your research impact Room 3
Moderators: Elizabeth Iorns, Jason Priem
  3:30pm –  4:00pm R Break (snacks in Figshare Café) Room 1 a/b
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Animating Science Room 7a
Moderators: Mindy Weisberger, Rose Eveleth
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Covering cancer causes, prevention and screening Room 7b
Moderators: Hilda Bastian, Jeff Niederdeppe
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Explanatory journalism, &%$£ yeah! Room 6
Moderators: Ed Yong, Mark Henderson
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Mixing science journalism with activism: The promise and the peril Room 4
Moderators: Seth Mnookin, David Quammen
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N open session Room 10
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Persuading the unpersuadable: Communicating science to deniers, cynics, and trolls Room 3
Moderators: Cara Santa Maria, Melanie Tannenbaum
  4:00pm –  5:00pm N Sticking with it for the long haul: Building community and maintaining long-term engagement in citizen science (part III) Room 8
Moderators: Caren Cooper, Holly Menninger
  6:00pm –  10:00pm D Dinner with Friends On the town

February 2 • Saturday

  9:00am –  10:00am C CONVERGE Room 1c/d
 10:30am –  11:30am N 24/7 Health: The role of mobile technology in healthcare Room 7b
Moderators: Judy Stone, Pascale Lane
 10:30am –  11:30am N Chemophobia & Chemistry in The Modern World Room 3
Moderators: Carmen Drahl, Dr Rubidium
 10:30am –  11:30am N Citation Data and Altmetrics for Historians and Social Scientists Room 10
Moderators: Heather Piwowar, Jason Priem
 10:30am –  11:30am N Communicating Science Where There is No Science Communication Room 8
Moderators: Colin Schultz, Marie-Claire Shanahan
 10:30am –  11:30am N Science Ebooks: Building the Community Room 6
Moderators: Carl Zimmer, John Timmer
 10:30am –  11:30am N The Game Changer: Games for Science Engagement and Education Room 7a
Moderators: Cameron Pittman, Erik Martin
 10:30am –  11:30am N What Happens When People Start Taking Your Online Ramblings Seriously Room 4
Moderators: Holly Bik, Miriam Goldstein
 11:30am –  12:00pm R Break (snacks in Figshare Café) Room 1 a/b
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N Blogging in Grad School: Pros, Cons, and Potential Room 7b
Moderators: Jason Goldman, Katie Pratt
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N Bringing Science Into Breaking News Room 10
Moderators: Emily Willingham, Matt Shipman
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N Distilling Ideas: Communicating Science with Comics Room 7a
Moderators: Kate McKissick, Maki Naro
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N How do you actually get a book written? Room 6
Moderators: Katherine Sharpe, Maria Konnikova
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N How much 'I' is 'TMI'? Room 4
Moderators: Hillary Rosner, Jacquelyn Gill
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N Outreach in Unusual Places Room 8
Moderators: Bug Girl, Emily Finke
 12:00pm –  1:00pm N We are who we are? Who are we? Issues of identity and the internet Room 3
Moderators: Kate Clancy, Sci Curious
  1:00pm –  2:30pm L Lunch Room 2
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Everything old is new again: using stories from the past to enlighten current events in science Room 4
Moderators: Greg Gbur, Tom Levenson
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Imposter Syndrome Room 10
Moderators: Eve Rickert, Christie Wilcox
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Life in the Venn -- What Happens When You're Forced to Wear Many Hats? Room 3
Moderators: Ed Yong, Jonathan Eisen
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Science Blogs Are One Hard Drive Crash From Oblivion: Or, How do we go About Preserving Science Blogs? Room 7b
Moderators: Brian Russell, Trevor Owens
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N The Art, Craft and Business of Freelancing: Best Practices and Worst Problems of Your First Day, Month and Year Room 7a
Moderators: Charles Choi, Maggie Koerth-Baker
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Using Science Fiction to Make Scientific Ideas Accessible Room 6
Moderators: Annalee Newitz, Jennifer Ouellette
  2:30pm –  3:30pm N Writing About Science for Kids (and Former Kids) Room 8
Moderators: Elizabeth Preston, Liz Heinecke
  3:30pm –  4:00pm R Break Room 1a/b
  4:00pm –  5:00pm C CONVERGE: Closing Room 1c/d